Influencer Marketing

Cheltenham Technologies is a leading Influencer Marketing service provider in Hyderabad. As a key component of our social media marketing service, we work with many social media influencers and personalities with high social impact for product placements or endorsements for our clients.

We conduct research and study market trends both current and upcoming, to determine which social network (Youtube, TikTok, Snapchat etc) is most appropriate and look at the relevant promoters on those networks to craft custom specific digital marketing strategy for our clients.

We create an Influencer Marketing strategy based on your market segment and specific need. We engage with relevant influencers with established credibility in your industry or business sector so they can drive your brand’s message to a larger audience. This overall engagement involves networking, relationship building, coming up with mutually beneficial terms, and collaboration with influencers to encourage them to promote your product or service.

Budget pays a critical role in Influencer Marketing so our team sits with our Client prior to formulating a strategy for campaigns. Unlike Paid Ad campaigns or Automated Ad strategies which just run once paid for, Influencers handle and balance multiple partnerships so we ensure we have the right budget for the time and attention required by such people.

Cheltenham Technologies has tie ups with influencers of varied type based on their own personal brand and their follower numbers on social media. We work with Nano Influencers (with lesser than 1000 followers) to Micro Influencers (10,000-50,000 followers) and upwards. This helps us in having a broad range of individuals we can approach for our Clients.

Contact our team at Cheltenham Technologies to see a higher ROI based on our well-crafted Social Promoter and Influencer Marketing services.