Cheltenham Technologies offers Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing and Advertising services to our Clients. We are a leading Digital Marketing Services company in Hyderabad, India but also work with Clients all cross the country and abroad.

Companies use Pay-Per-Click Advertising by posting an Ad on a web site and pay the host site for letting that viewer / visitor traffic flow to the company’s web site or create a call for action on what they want those viewers or visitors to do after viewing the Ad. Companies are only charged when the users click on the Ad and hence the term Pay-Per-Click. There are various forms of PPC Ads like Paid Search Ads, Banner Ads or Display Ads, and Actionable Keyword Ads.

All the major search engines like Google, Bing usually determine the relevance of Ads that appear on their Search Engine Results Pages by conducting Ad Auction to prevent a Company being able to get their Ad up by paying more. So, keywords and crafting the right Ad is critical for a successful Pay-Per-Click Marketing or Advertising.

Our SEM Services are also work in tandem with SEO and Paid Search Services. We guide our Clients through the entire process to be able to maximize their returns in terms of Lead Generation and Additional Traffic to an Ad. We manage the Paid Search Accounts, whether Google AdWords or Bing Ads, so our Clients can focus on their Business and Customers.