Startup Consulting

Did you have an ‘Aha Moment’ about a great idea but struggling how to piece it all together? You are not alone – 95% of ideas remain just as ideas. Only 5% are able to commercialize it. Do you want to be in that 5% who can make a difference?

Cheltenham Technologies can help you from ideation to execution of your business idea. Having worked in and started a few Start-ups, the team has the expertise to guide you through the different steps of ideation, investor pitches, branding, business processes, talent acquisition, and a fully operational start-up. We work with Clients across India and USA.

We will sit with you to understand your vision and objective for the business idea. We will come up with objective sustainable practical strategies that will get your Start up idea onto the tracks. We will help you create a viable Business Plan and an Investor Pitch for Funding and help you with information and resources to go through the process.

We will also work with you in deciding about resources – Technology, People, Premises, that you would need to operationalize your business.

Talk to us today to put your best foot forward in the exciting world of Start Ups and creating a business that you can call your own!