Video Marketing

Cheltenham Technologies is a dominant player in Video Marketing services. We make effective use of Video Marketing as another medium to present your products or services, promote your client
testimonials, deliver engaging content or even use it as a great tool to live-stream marketing events.

Team Cheltech works with our clients to create an appropriate video marketing strategy that will promote their company’s brand, engage with their customers, increase sales, or promote their
products or services. We use data driven ideas so we can track customer engagement and also monitor metrics and results.

One of the critical uses of adding Video as an additional tool in the overall Digital Marketing arsenal is that it helps with SEO efforts in a major way. We focus on a broad, wide reaching campaign that involves Video through which information is consumed at a much faster rate and also retained at a higher rate. Studies show that around 68% of consumers prefer to watch an explainer video to solve or identify any product related issue too.

In the current world of social media, video is an effective tool for social sharing and building trust and credibility with the desired audience. While there may be people like reading text, a good number of folks enjoy watching videos, both informative and entertaining. We have also noticed that difficult service concepts or new product ideas are easier to explain using video, so we create interesting, interactive, animation videos for our clients.

We encourage our clients to treat Video Marketing efforts as an investment which yields rich dividends and higher ROI.